Our Story

Vines & Veins, a jewelry brand embraces chaos and hope. When it comes to vinesveins, what things in your mind? Just like its name, vines is part of the plant that shows us the strong power of growth and life. Climbing upwards, stretching outwards meanwhile building and expanding its own territory at a fast speed that you may not even notice that. Veins are blood vessels of our body that carry blood towards the heart, which are important to enable us to be alive every second. Its dynamic, active condition also reflects the journey of our life. Currently, the whole environment of the world is not peaceful. There are so many things happening day by day, which also bring plenty of effect to us. Chaos will never disappear. We may get lost, get down, and be confused along the way. However, believing in hope, being courageous as well as trying hard to overcome the difficulties, pushing us forward while making great progress to be a better person as the spirits of vines and veins. Chaos exists everywhere, be hopeful and powerful.


How We Started

Designer Yida is a former product designer who loves jewelries and has her own philosophy when it comes to style. “ Clothing is about giving room, and jewelries are more like statement” is what she always believes in. After studying her masters degree in Central Saint Martins in London, Yida went back to Hong Kong, where she witnessed in the past few years, the plating factories been moved out of the cities due to heavy pollution. She has made up her mind to combine the material that she familiar with in her former experience as a product designer, with jewelry design, to create pieces that are one of a kind. She sourced the best material, and make sure all pieces are carefully handled by experienced artisans locally in Hong Kong, the city where she loves and got her inspirations from.

Premium Material

We use premium quality gold-plated metal wires and strings to outline our hope and beauty of life in a chaos era. We hope that our products will bring people moments of joy, and also reminds them of the sweet memories from their best friends, families and lovers.


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